december 13th

ghosts are EVERYWHERE. look behind you right now. theres PROBABLY a ghost looking at u! hi, my name is Bells, and im a proffesional ghosts hunter. ever since i was a baby i have always know that i was meant to hunt ghosts. the proffession has called to me ever since..idk


ghosts!they exist, and they live among us!!! we should be afraid because they are VERY scary.

when i was 7 a ghostt broke in thrugh my window and stole my computer. ghosts are NOT to be messed with! i




?????i did not type that


ghosts exist, but they are VERY subtle! and you know what ghosts also are sometimes? angelss

dead peoples sent down from heaven to influence us to be better people

they're called invisible saviours and my mom is one

she says that when i turn 18 (in 7 days!) a demi- angel will begin to watch over me and then i can achieve

omniotent favoritism"

i just have to stay clean until then

im so exited

i hope that it looks a little bit like a ghost

i like ghosts

december 20th


i turn 18 in two hours and my mom won't let me out of my room until then..i dont have an AC!!!its supposed to be cold out but its so hot in my room

its probably like 1000000000 degrees in here.....

T_T whyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!


a window has opened. will you enter?