fictional crushes of past and present...

attraction. it's both a blessing and a curse to the human race, but i'm grateful for it..because it lets me drool over fictional babes!!! i was originally going to call this page "husbandos" but i almost died from cringe once i actually typed it out.

these characters will be ranked based on several factors:

so, without further ado,

lets get into the list!

CRUSH #1...sans!

sans undertale. the object of affection for many young girls of the past,, including me.

truth be told, i occasionally wonder if my affections still hold up, or if my mind was infected with some kind of bizarre placebo when i was 8 years old, and i just haven't managed to shake it out. maybe i'm secretly more into mettaton and i just dont realize. either way, he's first on the list because of the affect that undertale had on my life. it may not be the best game ever, and it's definitely not my favorite thing ever, but i doubt that i'll ever lose interest in it.

appearance rating: five out of ten

before you say "corbyn, i thought that you liked this guy!!" im going to say that i DO!! its just....the fanart is a heck of a lot more flattering.

personality rating: seven out of ten

he's got a solid personality, but all those pranks and goofs + his laziness probably get annoying after a while. if he was a real person, i doubt that we would be really good friends. he's more of a 'my-pals-like-you-so-i-have-to-like-you-too' kind of guy.

CRUSH #2...this one guy from fnaf

i'm not elaborating on this one. all i'm going to say is that they're yellow, (not chica) relatively overrated, and have a concerning amount of fanfiction about them on ao3.

honestly? i'm embarassed that they're this high up.